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Image result for Stone Cutting Supplier"Granite is the hardest of stone materials and is a very popular choice for flooring and counter tops. It is attractive and comes in various colors. There are various products available online that help you maintain your granite counter tops such as the popular ager sealers. Your counter tops are cut to size using a granite blade or a diamond saw blade. The granite blades are available in various sizes for the depth each stone requires. The blades are mounted on a tile saw that is specific to your stone requirement. Larger slabs require a larger saw such as a Track Saw. Hallam Stone Cutting Supplier

At an economical price, the durable granite blades deliver superior performance on a variety of stones. Use a continuous smooth rim for smoothest cut in ceramic tiles and decorative stone. Where chipping is not a problem segmented blades provide the longest life and lowest cost per cut.

The high-performance design of the continuous smooth rim blade safely ensures chip-free cutting and a longer life. The high-speed blades use water to cool down when cutting hard stone. A high-quality general-purpose granite blade is best for cutting marble, ceramic tile, and natural stone. These blades can also profile the edges of marble and granite.