An Ostomy Can Change A Person’s Life – Preparing For An Ostomy Emergency

Emergency preparedness is of great importance to all. Climate can interrupt power, water and ships. You should always have on hand canned goods, flashlights, blankets, extra batteries and an emergency phone, just in case.Feel free to visit their website at An Ostomy Can Change A Person’s Life – North East Connected for more details.

But what if you have an ostomy, like a medical condition? This brings a whole new rationale for preparedness for emergencies. Many citizens get their ostomy supplies shipped from a medical supply store directly to their house. If shipment fails because of impassable roads, a contingency plan is required. Earthquakes, earthquakes, snow may not impact the immediate area, but that does not guarantee they will not influence the transportation of your supplies.

What should the emergency ostomy bag hold you? How many orders do you have on hand? I guess shooting for three weeks ‘ worth is a good idea. This is particularly true if you depend on your orders for shipping to you. When a weather disaster happens it will affect many people. When normal shipping returns, you are likely to encounter problems with the back order of your products. Three weeks sounds like a lot but sometimes delivery will take up to seven business days whether you stay on the east or west coast, and that’s when they’re in stock. Using an ostomy ensures you have to think ahead and plan on all those possibilities.

Emergency Ostomy Supplies:—

Cut to Match ostomy packages, enough for three weeks (I will recommend cutting to match to prevent fitting problems)

Scissors or a stoma opening hole cutter

Waterproof storage tub that contains supplies securely

Clean water

skin cleanser that has no lotions or oils or extra scent

Ostomy pocket liners

Ostomy Disposal packets

Adhesive remover wipes

Skin care pads One way to do that is by getting the medical information reported in paper. The mobile may not function, the phone might be down, you still need the medical care you need to be able to get.